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Live Video Transmission

LiveShot Carolina was founded on studio live shots. We set our standards high in that area and -as we continue to grow - we strive to maintain the exceptional quality for which our studio live shots are known.

First, we keep ahead of the technology by utilizing multiple video transmission paths including: Managed IP, The Switch, VyVx and satellite (both C and Ku). In addition, we stay current with the aesthetic by providing both moving video and still graphics as the background for any shot, including but not limited to: both day and night shots, cityscapes, bookshelves and corporate looks. We are also prepared to incorporate any customized images or video you may have.  


On Location

Location shoots were a natural progression for our growth. From a standup on a busy street corner to multi-camera interview, LiveShot Carolina successfully expanded into field production with ease.

Our team includes several veteran Directors of Photography, each one possessing an ample amount of network broadcast experience. Whether its P2, DVCPPro, XDCam or Beta SP, we can shoot in any format necessary and, for time sensitive material, feed the footage immediately to you.


In The Studio

Placing your guest in the LiveShot Carolina studio allows you to custom brand your service or product while connecting with radio and television stations across the country. Satellite media tours likewise enable you to connect simultaneously with multiple media outlets for back-to-back presentations via satellite.

From press releases to public service announcements, give us your needs and we can handle as much of the logistics as necessary. From contacting stations to casting a spokesperson, we address all aspects of production that you may need. Among the uses of a media tour are: training, remote interviews, new product and/or service roll-out and video conferencing. 


Remote Video Transport

LiveShot Carolina is based in Charlotte, NC, but our IP flypacks can be shipped literally any where in the world.  LiveShot has everything from telco gear to military grade video transport and receive flypacks to make your production a success.  

The IP flypacks are unlike any other in the industry. Our flypacks ship out with security appliances that makes your WAN connection feel like a LAN connection. Our flypacks can distribute HD/SD video to all major news networks.  We can also send the video back to our data center to be transmitted either satellite or fiber to anywhere in the world. The flypacks can also be used to send video to tier 1 CDN's as well via our data center. 

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